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Our public safety issues have increased as we perpetually become known for high levels in crime and low levels in law enforcement. 

The bottom line is protecting our individual and economic freedom. People vote when they choose where they live and if they will invest in a community.  Together, we will reverse the current oppressive monopoly and manipulation and once again bring opportunity and prosperity to our community.


Accountability of tax dollars in our schools needs to be discussed and reformed. Taxpayers want to ensure

more dollars are being placed in the classroom and used for the goal of educating students, not endless 

amounts of bureaucracy and irrelevant ways to analyze and market products for a one-size-fits all approach.

Local control in education is not meant to describe the agenda of progressive bureaucrats that have forgotten

who they work for and have prioritized lobbyists over parents and teachers. 


Our dependence on transportation mobility and energy resources are indigenous to our area. When the state

discusses funding sources and the benefit to our immediate area, we need to be present. In an area that has

become notorious for misappropriation of funds which is resulting in a crumbling infrastructure, I offer honest

conversation over endless party-line complaining.

Arizona Legislative District 9

Did You Know?

Legislative District 9 stretches from Interstate 10 on the west border and Sabino Canyon Wash on the east border. The north reaches to Oro Valley and the south to the University campus area. 5 unified school districts receive support from our taxes.The lower portion of our district lies within the city limits. Legislative District 9 currently does not have Republican representation. In short, you are paying taxes and your legislative needs are rarely considered.


One of the biggest problems today is politicians voting based on personal interests or the interests of their party. Partisan behavior is holding us back, leaving our district without a voice and without effective representation. I will vote in the best interests of our district, regardless of who authored the bill. No more games!



Article 2. Section 2 

All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

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